Towers Fabrication

Golden Towers (Private) Limited provide specilized and Top Quality Servives to their clients in the filed of Towers Fabrication.


Golden Towers (Private) Limited enjoys the repute of being one of the few Vendors in this field for quality of fabrication. Golden Towers (Private) Limited is ISO Certified Company and our structures are guaranteed to have no problems during installation in the field. The view is now being shared not only by Pakistani G.S.M operators but also our other abroad clients like Afghan Wireless Communication Company Afghanistan, Phonics Telecom U.A.E & Rama International Doha-Qatar. The tower fabrication units of the company have an installed capacity of producing more than 1000 metric tons of fabricated material per month or 200 Towers per month (Average weight of each tower 5 tons and Height 30 meters).
Tower Fabrication job is started once the approved designs are made available to the production staff. However, the factory staff is fully qualified and capable to follow any design and fabricate the structure accordingly. The company has employed certified professionals for the welding job. Trial assembly of the structures is performed before the material is made ready for the galvanizing. No fabrication or Welding is allowed after the galvanizing. All the materials supplied by the company are quality tested before delivery. Test certifications are obtained for all the materials including Nut and Bolts, Zinc purity and steel strength. The company has earned its name by providing quality fabrication jobs and meeting the challenging delivery timelines.
To ensure the quality galvanizing process Golden Towers (Private) Limited has his own Galvanizing Plant to save the time and for complete control of product, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 Metric Tons. The cattle size is 25 feet * 2.5 feet * 2 feet. The unit has an automatic Temperature Control system supported by remote control crane system to dip the angles during the galvanizing process. Average minimum Galvanizing thickness on the main members, plates, joints and internal bracing of structures is 90 microns, or according to the client requirements. Golden Towers (Private) Limited has qualified staff for designing, fabrication and installation of high capacity backbone infrastructure specially:
  • Typical microwave equipment Ranging from 7GHz to 38 GHz
  • Capacities ranging from E1 to STM 1
  • Supporting ATM, frames re-lay X.25, ISDN and IP
  • High speed FSO Laser Products