Area Construction

Golden Towers (Private) Limited has alot of experience in Area Construction.


Golden Towers (Private) Limited is one of the leading construction Company and well known in Construction Specially for Area Construction. Golden Towers (Private) Limited have ability to deliver project timely without making compromising the quality of Constriction. Golden Towers bag a lot of expertise in Construction of Housing Societies. We provide all the necessary services special regarding construction and fabrication required for the construction of Housing Societies. Our range of services for Area Construction are include Excavation and Levelling of Land, Designing and Laying Road Network, Designing of Housing Society, Designing and Laying of Sewerage System, Designing and Laying of Water, Gas and Electric Infrastructure, Construction of Roads and Footpath, Fabrication and Installation of road sign boards, Fabrication and installation of lighting poles, Designing and Deploying of CCTV Network, Construction of Gardens, Construction of Commercial Areas in Society, Construction of Building and Houses in Societies etc.
Golden Towers (Private) Limited is fully equipped with all kind of TNP’s, skilled and un-skilled labour for successfully completion of project on given time line and budget without compromising the work quality. This all leads the Golden Towers (Private) Limited to the one of Leading Construction Company in Pakistan.